The CE Experts

The CE Experts

Capillary electrophoresis is a novel‭, ‬miniaturised separation technique that brings versatility‭, ‬speed and high resolution to the combined fields of electrophoresis and chromatography.PrinCE Next Capillary Electrophoresis systems offer high performance separation‭, ‬identification and quantification for size‭, ‬shape and charged analyses as for entangled polymer solutions‭, ‬or selected‭ ‬stationary phases commonly used in chromatography‭. ‬The applications are endless‭, ‬with Prince offering modules and programmable parameters to fit individual needs‭.‬


CE Systems

A wide variety of CE and CEC systems‭, ‬tailored for a selection of market sectors‭.‬



DAD‭, ‬Conductivity and LIF options‭, ‬backed up with expert design and support‭.‬



Control‭, ‬analyse and report with software for PrinCE and PrinCE Next‭.‬


Consumables‭ & Accessories

A comprehensive catalogue of buffers‭, ‬kits and accessories‭.‬

PrinCE Next EMASS-II Ion Sources

Ideal for coupling our Capillary Electrophoresis analysers to Mass Spectrometry systems‭, ‬CE-MS combines the advantages of both CE and MS to provide high separation efficiency and molecular mass information in a single analysis‭.‬