OEM Solutions

Partner with one of the world’s leading innovation and manufacturing specialists of capillary electrophoresis, autosampler systems, business to business OEM products and services from rebranding existing technology to dedicated custom made instrument design.

  • Flexible sample recognition

  • XYZ arm sample handling

  • Single or multi-capillary

  • Remote-access diagnostics

We’ve had a great deal of success in licensing our technologies over the past 30 years, and we’re confident you’ll be impressed by the variety of uses to which they’re being put. Our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products and services are used globally on a day to day basis in the fields of research and development, quality control, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, industry and clinical laboratories.

Our OEM approach is one that is based upon competent consultation and close cooperation, engineering, planning and implementation to deliver solutions meeting the needs of our OEM channel partners. Prince Technologies is part of a financially strong group of privately held companies, securing your investments as a start-up company or global player.

Customised Capillary Electrophoresis Systems, Analysers & High Throughput Autosamplers

Our advanced PrinCE Next platform is available for OEM licensing. You can benefit from the investment in analytical research and development, and from our extensive knowledge of applications. Therefore, you can sell the platform under your own brand name, with the flexibility of being able to choose from Prince Technologies' selection of detectors and software packages or to use your own detector and/or software packages, for complete peace of mind.



High Throughput Capillary Based Autosamplers

Prince Technologies’ high throughput capillary based autosampler is optimised for use with capillaries or tubing, rather than a traditional injection needle.  This feature offers advanced application possibilities and short fluid lines from point of injection to an external detector or valve.

The temperature of the two separate sample/buffer/reagent areas on the XYZ sampler can be set independently and temperature controlled. As with all OEM products, the high throughput capillary based autosampler can be tailor made to meet your specific needs requirements and can be supplied with or without housing panels.

The instrument offers standard “Next” generation support functionality as remote access, multi-level service page functionality and events and error logging (and sending).


OEM Channel Partnering

  • Small OEM minimum quantities possible
  • Product rebranding to custom made OEM possibilities
  • Design, prototyping, pre-production series and commercial products
  • True and reliable partnership
  • International business to business technical product support program throughout the product life cycle
  • Emergency stock levels
  • Comprehensive user, service and maintenance training for OEM channel partners and representatives.
  • Regular training programs available upon request
  • Quality systems

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