Prince Technologies’ OEM Partner FIDA-Tech has won the Basel Life 2018 Product Award

We are pleased to announce that FIDA-Tech has won the Basel Life 2018 Product Innovation Award. The award is given for outstanding achievements in the development of novel technologies.

FIDAlyzer – Revolutionizing Protein Analysis

FIDA is a revolutionary proprietary technology offering rapid, precise information on binding, size (hydrodynamic radius) and concentration of proteins, antibodies and other biomolecules related to the development of biopharmaceutical drugs. The technology is linked to the well-known Taylor Dispersion Analysis theory applied to hydrodynamic flow in thin capillaries. Whether seeking accurate characterization of proteins or in need of specific, valid information regarding immunogenicity, FIDA offers unmatched reliability and agility. The FIDAlyzer is based on a PrinCE Next platform.

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